woensdag 27 oktober 2021

Another month, another report.

 Hello again,

Let's see what I've been up to this past month, shall we?

I've done some more on the Fallout project: 


Still a fair bit to do on this project, but it seems to have petered out for the moment. I'll get back to it in a bit, I guess.

A commission 3d print and an invitation to a Rogue Trader RPG set me on the course of  Battlefleet Gothic once more.
This time I wanted to do some 1:10000 scale display models:
A size comparison: A Sword Escort, vs Starhawk Bomber, Fury Fighter, Aquila Lander and Arvus Lighter (back to front)

A Cruiser at 1:10000 scale. I won't be printing one of those for a while!!! 

The large scale escorts, together with a print of the Eiffel Tower and Enterprise D, to give a sense of size and scale.

And with Brother Forscale to give an idea of the model size.

I hope to basecoat these three the coming weekend.

I also printed a rough and ready Aquila Lander, to use as terrain and or an objective for Killteam/Necromunda/Inq28 games:

Not my cleanest print, or assembly, but great for a run-down "army surplus" type craft.

Next up, more big boys, but this time in proper BFG scale: Glorianas for my Imperial and Chaos fleet. These were created by Soul Forge Studios, who do excellent 3d printing files through their Patreon and MyMiniFactory

Yes, that small thing in front of it is a regular size Battlefleet Gothic Cruiser...

Time for another gear shift, this time towards Crimson Skies.

First I printed some planes:

Years ago, I had bought two Zeppelins, with the intention to convert them for Crimson Skies. But I never quite found a satisfactory way to model the engine nacelles and broadside cannons... But hey, I have a resin printer now, and know a bit of Fusion360!


And that solved a nearly two decades old modelling conundrum!  Now to just decide the colour scheme for them...

That's it, see you next time!

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