dinsdag 31 januari 2017

Complete at last!

It took me a while, but now I finally have all the Appleseed movies and books I know to exist:
I've been re-watching the movies in order of release. Today I received Appleseed XIII and Appleseed Alpha. I'm two episodes in on XIII and saving Alpha for the weekend. Good times, and a nice distraction from the worries about the In-laws' health.

See you next time!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Hah Appleseed, ... Together with Ghost in the Shell it is still easily one of my most favourite settings. The landmates are what got me into other Mecha animes and mangas.
    That's a great collection you got there!
    Sadly I only got part of the translated (Dutch) manga and the anime.

    1. Robotech did the Mecha Anime thing for me. Appleseed is my favorite both in book and movies so far. Can't really put my finger on it, but it just hits all the right buttons for me. I'm still (occasionally) trying to track down the GitS manga, so far I've just seen the first movie and part of the series.

    2. For me it's mostly Masamune's work which was a big influence on my later interests and especially Ghost in the Shell.
      Robotech, while interesting, never got me that riled up as Shirow's work (Black Magic, Dominion, Ghost in the Shell and Appleseed).
      Later, I even liked Evangelion better.
      Me and Bram did get the Robotech miniature game though 😉.