vrijdag 5 augustus 2016

Making Waves

I'm currently sculpting the waves onto the Man O'War Dwarf fleet bases:
It's hard to see (I guess white acrylic paste on white plasticard isn't optimal for photography...), but the bases on the Monitors are all done.Not shown on this picture are the four oval "debris" markers, as I still have to make these. You can also see the final form of the Nautilus "submerged" markers/alternative models behind the metal Nautilii. The plan is to pair each Nautilus to a submerged marker by painting the flags on them the same.

I'm also starting to look at my Empire fleet, but progress on that is hindered by not owning the mandatory squadron of 3 Wolfships. So I'm looking around for a deal on those. (I'm in no hurry, and money is tight, so most of the silly Ebay prices are right out of the question, I'll have to keep looking for a good deal.) I'm in a similar situation for the Dark Elf fleet, which is still short 6 Doom Reavers.

The plan, at this time, is to complete collecting and building each fleet I own (Dwarf, Empire and Dark Elf), as well as custom fleet-specific, Wreckage and Debris markers and any other markers they need.  Besides the fleets, I have some plastic ships from the old Dragon Lords boardgame, that may be used as merchant ships for a convoy style scenario (I just need to figure out rules and ship cards for them.)
And I'll need some terrain ofcourse. I'm still undecided if I'll simply replicate the cardboard terrain from the Man O'War box in 3d, or if I'll build my own designs. Both options have a certain appeal. (And I only have storage room for one of the options!)
I'm also thinking of making some extra counters with sloops and rafts/castaways on them, maybe some drifting wreckage/cargo as well. These don't feature in the Man O'War rules, but could always serve as objective markers for custom scenarios.

See you next time!

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