maandag 30 november 2015

Some conversions in progress

With the stormy weather, the light isn't decent enough to paint ( I did manage to paint some chickens for the village on saturday, but I won't show these yet as I want to show them with the accompanying villager, and she's not finished yet.). So I decided to build some figures instead. The results are below:

I've wanted to do this one ever since I first saw the Snow Troll from Heresy Miniatures:
Behold, the Highland Minotaur!
Colourscheme is easy, it will be this:
The conversion wasn't very elaborate: Add horns, clip his toes and sculpt on hooves, blend the added bits into the fur. I'm looking forward to painting him and setting him on the adventurers!

The other conversion needs a bit of a preamble:
These days, most miniature manufacturers who sell Basilisk figures make the 8-legged giant lizard variant. But looking back at the history of the Basilisk and its description, it has, for a long time, also been described as a rooster-lizard hybrid, very similar to the Cockatrice (One being a rooster-egg hatched by a toad or serpents and the other a toad-egg hatched by a rooster or in a midden pile). They were so similar that for a time the two had been considered interchangeable.
I quite like this ambiguity and the chance for mistaken identity when dealing with monsters...
So I decided to convert the rooster-lizard version of the Basilisk as well.
So in my fantasy gaming there will be three creatures to get confused between, the (Greater) Basilisk (the rooster-lizard hybrid, smaller but more dangerous), the (Lesser) Basilisk (the huge 8-legged lizard, less dangerous than his namesake, but still a mortal terror) and the Cockatrice (the other rooster-lizard hybrid).

Here's the Basilisk (left) and the Cockatrice (right):
They're both made with Otherworld Miniatures Cockatrice bodies, but the Cockatrice uses the standard bat-like wings that come with the miniature. The Basilisk has had his wings replaced with feathered ones from a giant eagle. When painting they will be further distinguished by giving the Basilisk more reptilian colours and the Cockatrice painted in colours closer to that of a rooster. (I'll also mark the underside of the bases, just to make sure, I know myself.)

Both the Highland Minotaur and the two Lizard-Rooster Hybrids just need basing and they can be added to the painting queue.

The Warts and Wings toads are also ready for primer, as I didn't really have to do anything for that but take them out of their baggies. A mate wanted to see them in the resin though, so they may have to wait for a bit.
Besides, the winter storms need to settle down before I can primer any minis. They've been going off and on for a week now, with no end in sight yet.

See you next time!

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  1. The highland Minotaur looks great! Very inspiring. The basilisk idea is very cool as well.

  2. lol Excellent and colour scheme will look great!

  3. Thanks guys! I just had to do that Minotaur and the alternate Basilisk. Can't turn adventurers into heroes by going easy on them. :D