zondag 4 oktober 2015

Plains of glass

A couple of months ago (wow, time flies) I got an extra set of glass shelves for my display cabinet, as it was slowly getting crowded.
This weekend I finally added those extra shelves to the cabinet.
For that I needed to drill extra holes to support the shelves. While I originally hoped I could do this in situ, after clearing the mini's out of the display cabinet, it quickly became obvious this would be impossible, there simply wasn't room to move a drill about and the risk of shattering the glass was too great.
So, with the aid of my loving and patient wife and son, I completely disassembled the entire thing, drilled all the holes, and proceeded to reassemble the whole contraption... I took the opportunity to properly clean it out as well, as now I could get to every last nook and cranny.
There was a moment of confusion when, instead of having parts left over as usual when assembling furniture, I had to feed extra components into the heaving mass of proto-furniture. But we overcame that and all was well.
I had a few scares when reinserting the glass shelves: Because the shelves were closer together, and there were more of them, I had more nasty little metal pegs to maneuver around, the occasional unexpected tink of impact causing me to freeze nervously. In the end, nothing broke, except a sweat, and I now have a shiny, roomier display cabinet:
I believe this is the largest conversion I've made to date. ;P

Next on the schedule is to repopulate it with my miniatures and arrange them in such a way that I can safeguard for future expansion, as I will not be undertaking the adding of shelves again!
I'm hoping I can do that over the next couple of days. Currently all my miniatures are clumped together in the old display units, which will be handed of to my sister for her hobby stuff, once I've emptied them out again. Here they are, all base-to-base in the largest inter-setting, inter-range and inter-scale melee ever:
Not really a way to do justice to lovingly assembled, converted and painted figures, is it? I'd better free them soon.

See you next time!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Now that's a serious piece of storage. Very impressive.

  2. Thanks, I'm still very happy with it, especially with the extra shelves added.
    I'm curious to see how much space I'll have left over when I fill it, though.
    When I first got it, a mere two years ago, I thought I would have lots of space left to fill and expand. But once I transferred all my minis from the old displays, it was already full! (Admittedly, I did set it out more spaciously, to show things off, instead of packing it together. But hey, it's a display cabinet, not a storage cabinet...) The extra shelves should accommodate a few years worth of painting, either way.
    Quite happy right now, and l'm looking forward to faffing about and refilling it at leisure. :)

  3. Looking good Erik. We still on for friday?