woensdag 17 juli 2013

Barking Mad!

Day two of making a mess terrain...

First, a piccie:

Using bark for rocks, and rock-hard putty for bark...
That's what I've done this morning.
Yesterday I puttied up the first tree armature, the one you see on the hill above, and twisted a few more trees. I've also started glueing bark to the hills that need them. And I figured out how to approach a hill a was a bit stuck on.
It's a talll, multi-level hill that I wanted to model like a rocky outcropping that has "softened" somewhat with soil and grass. I got stumped deciding how to approach the one rocky face left to the hill with the small pieces of bark I have to use. This morning it hit me: reduce the amount of rock face to fill! So I went and cut in a cave entrance...
This killed two birds with one stone: It meant I had less surface to cover with tiny pieces of bark, and it gave me a nice cave to use as a monster's lair, or entrance to a tunnel/cave complex.
So, I went and made the cut:

And the other side of it:

As you can see, it is one of my more constructed and "gamey" pieces of terrain I made on this push. I think that was also what was giving me the trouble on deciding how to tackle it.
I had intended to make a tunnel entrance terrain piece later on, but now it just happened naturally. I've glued the bark onto it, since I took those pictures, but you'll have to wait until a next post to see how it turned out, the glue is still setting.

Next stage: Finish the bark on that first tree, the one on the hill, and then proceed to "bark up" more trees! :-P

Edit: Drat! One of the pictures won't show up properly... Anyway, you can also find it here.

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