donderdag 20 september 2012

Done with the Orcs!

They're finished!

A quick snap:

As it was already evening, I had to quickly find the place in the house that still had the best light...

After hesitating a bit on wether or not to add gore to the blades, and a suggestion on a forum to make the blades rusty instead, I ran the decision by the misses (after all, they're her figures in the end).
She decided she wanted them rusty. So rusty it was.

The rust was a new thing for me, never done that before. I'll need to take a fresh look in the morning, to see if I'm fully satisfied with this attempt, or if it may need some tweaking. (I have a vague feeling the blades may be far too rusty compared to the rest of their kit. But I need to take some distance first, been staring at them too hard the last hour or so.)

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