woensdag 11 juli 2012

Proof of life

It is true, I still exist...
It's just that over the last month real life hit, and it hit hard.

At the moment, in the light of 6th edition, I'm doing a bit of work expanding my Ork army for Warhammer 40k. (and hoping, unlike 5th,  I get more than 2 games played in this edition...)
Quite some time ago, a friend gave me a WIP scratchbuilt buggy for my Ork army. Last week I finally got around to finishing and getting it ready for paint:

All I had to do to finish it was build the front wheel suspension, add the crew, the left-side exhaust and fuel barrel. Oh, and add some Orky glyphs.
The twin linked Rokkit launcher is magnetised and can be swapped for the twin linked Big Shoota I originally got with the scratchbuild.

I also started paint on an extra unit of Ork slugga boys:
This is just the first batch (of 3), the second set of 9 boys is on the painting table at the moment. When those are finished, it's just 6 boys and a Nob left to do.
With this mob, I'm trying to get some more speed in my painting, aiming for a good look as a unit, instead of paying a lot of time and attention to individual models. So far, it seems to work reasonably well. I'm not suddenly super fast, bit at least I'm not (as) glacially slow anymore. And at the same time, I'm satisfied with the quality and look of them.

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