maandag 5 april 2021

Well, life happened at me, a lot...

Yeah, so I had a two-month stomach bug, followed by a corona scare. Luckily all is well, but I'm still rebuilding my strenght/stamina after barely holding on to nutrients during the stomach bug.

Which left little spare energy for hobby.

I did manage to squeeze these lot out: 

A Squig with a fancy hairdo: 

Naturally, I also participated in the Iron Kingdoms: Requiem Kickstarter, and this has once again urged me to do a bit more on some IKRPG character miniatures:

They're two minis for the same character, a Knight-Ironhead. As the new version of the IKRPG doesn't work off combining two archetypes, I'll have to figure out how to make him work, ruleswise.
Also, ofcourse I pre-ordered Cursed City. Warhammer Quest, but horror, and with a strong Eastern European vibe? Perfect.

So, not much to report. See you again next time, whenever that may be!

zaterdag 20 februari 2021

Another month, a bit of this and that.

 Hello again,

I think it's time to keep you up to date with what I have and haven't been doing.

Most of what I've been doing has been in the first week of this month, as I had a week off from work:

First of all, I finished printing the Reaver Titan. Now all that's left to do before it's ready for paint is sanding, lots of sanding....

I had been having increasing issues with excessive stringing in my printer. So I bit the bullet and bought a full metal hot end. This seems to have done the trick and since then stringing has been reduced to an absolute, whispy minimum. Sadly it didn't arrive until after the Reaver was fully printed... So there is still a fair bit of cleanup to do, beside just smoothing out print lines.

I also spent an afternoon enjoying the pitter patter of rain on canvas, in the first week of the month.
I now have a clearer idea of what I need to adres in my hammock setup for poor weather (aka regular Dutch weather this time of year). 

Another batch of mead got bottled as well.
The leftmost is the leftovers of the two batches of Viking Blod. Then there is the two bottles of Viking Blod that had extra hop and hibiscus added during fermentation.  Mid is a pair of bottles of Linden mead and finally the last batch of Viking Blod, that didn't have extra hop and hibiscus added beyond the initial tea. This time around I made a less strong tea, to see how that turned out, but next time I'll be going back to the stronger brew.

And with that the week off was done.

And things went wrong... I had intended to keep working on the Titan in the evenings, but a particularly nasty stomach bug struck and lasts till today.  I was suddenly VERY constrained in the amount of energy I had available and how long I could work on projects in one sitting. 
So over the past two weeks I achieved virtually nothing.

I assembled a cheeky little squig, and managed to add the last touches to an Ironhead character for the IKRPG, that had languished at 90% completed for the past year:

And yesterday, the cars for my Cyberpunk skirmish project arrived:
3 Taxis and six little microcars. These will be added to the regular cars I intend to print in the near(-ish) future.

And that's it for now. Further hobbying has to be mostly suspended until the doc can get my innards to behave again... :(

See you next time!

zondag 24 januari 2021

The beast is done!

 The last few weekends, I've been putting the final touches to the Warhound Titan. Doing the weathering, finally painting the banners. And I can now gladly report that "Steadfast" is 100% operational!

I tried my first hand at weathering with oil paints and found it gave pretty nice results, even with basic techniques.

Anyway, some glamour shots:

 Of course, his guns are magnetised, so I can experiment with his load outs:

And here he can be seen, stalking the outskirts of some industrial wasteland:

(I really should have put some mini's in this pic, to really drive home the scale of things, shouldn't I?)

See you all next time!

zondag 3 januari 2021

And yet, I live....

Well, we survived 2020...

And I seem to have been neglecting this blog, my apologies. Between corona, depression and a busy year at work, what rare time and motivation I had for the hobby, I elected to spend on the hobby itself, rather than posting about it.

Anyhow, time of a big catchup dump of pics, and then on to the next year.

Ofcourse, the Indomitus box got acquired:

(And ofcourse the image is rotated... Sorry.)

I also managed to snag a piece of classic Space Fleet art:

Which reminds me, I still need to get that framed... What do you think, a clean, sleek modern frame, or go baroque and gothic for it?

I printed the start of a Japanese village, for a long suffering medieval/mythological Japan project: 

As frustratingly many projects this year, I lost steam before I actually got them painted...

I printed and built some more Necromunda stuff (again abandoned before I got to painting, see a pattern?

Around this time, our PCs main storage HDD was starting to give out. (I've yet to recover all files on it, including notes for a decade+ spanning DnD campaign....)

I built another Destiny 2 Ghost, again a gift for a friend from across the Channel:

(The overspray on the icon on it had been fixed before sending it off.)

The unpainted Necromunda terrain I had set up in previous post did finally get painted, even though it took until Oktober:

Hmmm, tasty....

Ofcourse I had to join in the McFarlane Primaris craze:

Can you guess from this pic, which Chapter I will convert and repaint him into? ;)

Fine, work in progress pics to give some hints:

 Because my Howling Griffon would be a Lieutenant, he needed a Power Sword, just a small one:

Again, this project has yet to see paint...

Gears once again shift, now towards Orks:

Freebooters to be precise:

Ofcourse, Freebooters need to ride in style:

True to form for this year, paint is yet to come...

Final leg of the year, and final projects (still ongoing): Cyberpunk City. A third building was erected:

 While working on this, a long-awaited treasure arrived:

I'm waiting for work and life to ease up again a bit to properly get into this and read it from cover to cover. Hopefully next weekend!

That brings us back up to current affairs. This weekend I added lighting to my Brutalist Cyberpunk building: 

 And with that, that project is ready to receive paint as well. :D

Till next time, hopefully sooner than last. ;)

donderdag 6 augustus 2020

Catching up over the summer

 Hi folks, 

Here I am again. ­čśä With travel abroad and camping scuppered due to Covid I had to entertain myself in a different way over the summer holiday. Luckily (?) I'm always virtually drowning in projects and things to do...

So, here are the fruits of this summer's labours:


First up: The big one, the Necromunda terrain project (still ongoing, btw). Here's what I built over the past few weeks:

This a collection of all the Necromunda terrain I have built so far.The new additions I built over the summer are (from left to right): The large Synthstill/destiller column, the bucket elevator, the old power reacter (partially hidden behind the nuclear waste silo), and the Necromunda dice tower.

Below you can see the reactor and the dice tower front and centre: These two items are fully 3d printed items, the two other ones are a mix of traditional terrain building techniques and materials and 3d printed parts. I really like the results I can get with this mixed approach.

I had a lot of fun building these and experimenting with new techniques (using a sand/tile grout mix for the basing and texuring of dirt and rust. Using AK interactive streaking grime and generally building in a more free-form and messy approach.)

But ofcourse, this table is nowhere near filled. I built more, but didn't get around to painting it, before work had to start again:

Sets of walkways, as well as a corpse-starch processing plant on a raised platform. (And as I type this, I realise I totally forgot to add my toxic pools to these photos! D'oh!)

 Hopefully I can get these painted over the next few weekends...

And now as to why I didn't get these painted during my vacation...

Ghost of Tsushima was released. And while I don't own a Playstation, seeing the enthusiastic responses from people, as well a playthrough by a friendly streamer got my love for (gaming in) medieval/mythological Japan again. Which prompted me to finally finish a 90mm samurai model I had lingering in paint in progress for months now:

She isn't still 100% finished, as the base still needs grass and tufts etc. added to it.

And I had to 3d print and paint this fun thing, couldn't help myself...

I maybe could have spent some time sanding out the print lines, but it was a spur of the moment thing, and they are a lot less noticeable in real life. I'm just waiting for the oil paint in the recesses to dry, and then I can varnish it and add the cords to wear it.


See you all next time!